About The Purple Cove

At The Purple Cove, we're a unique handmade jewelry store dedicated to creating high-quality, lightweight pieces. Our jewelry celebrates individuality and evokes happiness in those who wear it. Our commitment to offering jewelry that defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary is at the heart of our mission. We invite you to explore our collection, discover the charm of handmade jewelry, and make The Purple Cove a part of your everyday style.

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Meet Esther Schmidt

My name is Esther Schmidt, the owner and sole designer behind all the jewelry you see. I was born in Mexico City, and I carry the vibrant colors of my homeland with me because they simply make me happy. Now, I live in North Vancouver, BC.

I've been working with polymer clay since the '90s, learning from the best innovative artists of the time. Life happened in between, but eventually, I found myself back to polymer clay, which offers a multitude of choices and techniques. I've been working full-time for a decade now.

I work in small batches, creating every line, dot, petal, or swirl you see. Each "picture" is crafted from a "cane," which is a 3D representation of a fantasy flower or leaf, for example. Each cane can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours! After making enough canes, I create what's called a veneer, essentially a painted sheet. Then, I use a variety of cutters to fashion earrings, necklaces, or pendants.

Once they're cut, they undergo the curing process. Then, I add a shiny coat of liquid clay, which takes some time. Next, I transform them into earrings or necklaces by adding the necessary hardware. After that, it's time for the photo shoot before they make their way to my website.

If you join me, you'll be privileged to get the first dibs on the new collection at a special introductory price!

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Our Mission

To let you express yourself through our jewelry. Explore new whimsical and colorful jewelry that will make you smile and feel good and beautiful!

The Purple Cove is a handmade jewelry designer store serving clients in North Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, the Seattle Area, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas.