Tranquility Statement Necklace set #1

Tranquility Statement Necklace set #1

SKU: 1000193


This Necklace set is a one of the kind, unique, lightweight and limited edition.

Each and every flower were made separetely. It took me about 7 hours or more to have all the canes I used for this collection. Each collection takes me 7 days from begining to the end  to have it compleated!

This necklace set is part of my "Tranquility Collection". I only used 3 colors; black, white and periwrinkle! Since this canes allowed me to cut them in very sleek lines, I decided to create and design very special necklaces. Like this one! This has a vertical design, and I've added 3  more flower canes, with just the same colors, except the flower cane. I've added lavender freshwater pearls and pewter beads, to create this beautiful necklace!

It comes with a beautiful silver chain, 18" long.

The earrings are hypoallergenic and will come with stoppers.



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