Perfect Geometry (Triangular-ish shape) Necklace set

Perfect Geometry (Triangular-ish shape) Necklace set

SKU: 100051

This necklace set is a one of the kind, unique, lightweight and limited edition.

This necklace is part of my Perfect Geopmetry Collection. I created each geaometrical shape and "attached" each piece with a "cable" to give it the lok of being cohesive. They appera to be floating, that happened when I used translucent clay! I loved this effect! This piece has a lot of texture on the silver parts. It's back is also textured!

The Pendant measures 2.2" Long by 2" wide. the earrings are about 1" long and a bit more wide. The earwires are hyouallergenic and will come with stoppers.



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