Happy Hanukkah Triangle Necklace set #2

Happy Hanukkah Triangle Necklace set #2

SKU: 100382


This necklace  set is so fun! Hanukkah is a fun Holiday! Why not wear a happy set to celebrate the Festival of Lights? 

This set was made using many polymer clay canes. I used a color translucent which has no color, but as you layer it with translucent you are able to get amazing depths! The backs of these earrings have a very pretty swirl.It's amazing how you can use a triangle!

This set has a handmade bezel with a special wire, and I used it here as the pendant and earrings hook. 

The pendant measures a little less than 2" long by 1.5" wide. It comes with a beautiful 18" brass chain.

The earrings measure 1.5" long, with Hypoallergenic ear wires. 



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