Hello My Friends!

Welcome back to The Purple Cove – your creative haven for all things polymer clay! Today, I'm excited to dive into the heart of my artistic process and share with you the various tools that bring my creations to life.


1. The Pasta Machine: Not Just for Spaghetti!

One of the unsung heroes in my toolkit is the humble pasta machine. No, we're not making dinner – we're crafting wonders with polymer clay! This versatile tool is indispensable for conditioning the clay and creating uniform sheets, veneers, skinner blends, and more.

2. Precision in Every Cut: Acrylic Rods, Exacto Knives, and Tissue Blades

A symphony of precision tools is at play – acrylic rods, exacto knives, and tissue blades. From flexibility to stiffness and corrugation, each serves a unique purpose. And let's not forget the importance of a sharp edge when it comes to sculpting intricate details.

3. Brushes Galore: Paint and Makeup Unite

Paint brushes and makeup brushes share the spotlight, adding pigments and detailing finesse to the clay. Nail files, silicon tools, and even old credit cards find their place, contributing to the versatility of our artistic arsenal.

4. Texture Extravaganza: Sheets, Rollers, and More

Texture sheets and rollers play a crucial role in elevating the visual appeal of the clay. Whether it's the front or back, I can't resist experimenting with various textures to bring depth and uniqueness to my creations.

5. Cutters: The Shape-Shifting Heroes

My ever-expanding collection of cutters is a testament to their versatility. Choosing the perfect shape can be a delightful challenge, as I sift through the possibilities in my treasure trove of artistic tools.

6. Whatchamwhosits and Thingys: Unconventional Marvels

Sometimes, the best tools are the ones with no name – enter the realm of "thingys" and "whatchamwhosits." From rocks transformed into tiny vases to unconventional tools creating stunning evening bags, creativity knows no bounds.

7. The Fun Factor: Crafting with Joy

Amidst the array of tools, the most important ingredient in my creative process is FUN! Each creation is a journey, and when the final piece elicits a WOW, my heart swells with happiness.

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Stay tuned for more insider insights into the world of The Purple Cove. Let's keep the creative vibes flowing!

Esther Schmidt @thepurplecove