Hello, my friends!

Esther here from The Purple Cove, and I am thrilled to dive into the enchanting world of polymer clay once again. Today, let's unravel the magic behind one of my absolute favorite creations – canes!

But wait, what exactly is a cane? Picture a 3D masterpiece rolled into a swirl, resembling a delightful cookie, but alas, it's not meant for consumption. Canes come to life with a variety of patterns, starting from swirls and bull's eyes to the more technically whimsical squiggles.

To embark on this creative journey, I meticulously choose my colors, setting the stage for the upcoming masterpiece. Now, here's the challenge – polymer clay can be a bit finicky. It might be soft, hard, or even crumbly. Fear not! There are ingenious ways to tackle this, whether it's warming it up in your hands, giving it a gentle sit, or incorporating special additives to revive its pliability.

Once the clay is in its prime state, it's time to craft a beautiful sheet. Often, I find myself customizing colors because, well, why not? Other times, the natural hues of the clay work their own magic. And here's a little secret – I frequently indulge in creating "skinner blends," seamlessly blending colors to achieve exquisite ombre effects. These blends play a crucial role in generating shades, adding layers of depth to the final creation.

Now, let me share a glimpse of the process – a peek into the creation of a "sheet of clay," accompanied by snapshots of various canes and the eventual masterpiece – a "veneer."

​​​​​​​But what comes next, you ask? Excellent question! Stay tuned for the next blog as we uncover the exciting continuation of this creative saga.

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​​​​​​​See you soon!

Esther Schmidt @thepurplecove