My name is Esther Schmidt, owner, creator and artisan of ThePurpleCove.com.

I want to spend a few lines telling you what I do and why. 

My main medium is polymer clay, or  known as Fimo or Sculpy. This material is a moulding clay that needs to be conditioned.  Once this is done, it could be shaped into virtually anything your heart's desire! I like to blend most colours, then I organize them into layers, circles and such until I get a “picture” I desire. I love making flowers. They are all from somewhere in my imagination. Once my flowers/designs are done, I create something called a “veneer” by slicing very thinly my “canes” (which is my flower in a form of a tube, in a 3D view, yes! It's quite awesome!) I arrange them, then I cut  that sheet into the shapes I think it would look best. Sometimes I add bezels, that are made totally by me. The process then is to baked or better said, cured, the newly cut pieces. Before I cure them, I take pains to finish the back of each piece, by imprinting some design and painting it. Why? Because when I pick up a new piece of jewellery at the store I always turn it. If I don't like the back, I simply don't buy it! It's like when you buy a blouse or a sweater, you'd like to see the inside smooth, with no threads hanging, right? Well, I feel the same way about my jewellery.

Lately, I have begun to finish  my earring with a flower or something from the picture in the front in the back, to show you which is the Right and Left earring, and also, because when someone looks at you from behind, there is something pretty on the back of your earrings!

I finish all my jewellery with a coating of a clear clay. This protects your piece from scratches,and from the wear and tear. It also look enamelled!

Are you tired? I am not done yet! Then I finish the pieces adding the appropriate findings, such as ear wires, chains, (which BTW, I make from scratch!) Then I take some awesome pictures so you can see the pieces in detail!

I guarantee all my pieces I make. If for some reason, the arrive, broken or damaged, I will replace them with something as similar as possible, because I only make one of a kind pieces.


I usually make a collection, which has anywhere from 5-8 pieces only. Each piece is cut and shaped differently, so they are similar, but not the same!


Also would like to add that the chains could be lengthen, for a few more dollars; or changed for an other colour/thickness (depending of the availability (yes, my chain stash! ) But, You could ask for a silk ribbon, leather cord, or wire cord. Lately, I started making pieces that attach on either side of the piece. That is because, I hate to have so many chains, so I started making these kind of chains with 2 clasps, so you can interchange them with other pendants. How cool is that? I will also give you a small discount when you buy just the piece without the necklace, because you  already have one! Your choice!


I would like to tell you that my jewellery is designed to match any clothing! If you need help finding a match for your office attire, you could send me a pictures and I could search for a few options for you. I will be like your personal shopper! Is that cool? I love to help!!!


Finally, I will give you a little bit of my background.

I was born in Mexico City. And I have lived abroad for a long time now. But, I can tell you, I carry the colours of my native land! My jewellery is definitively bright, but it's made like that to match neutral colours and to cheer you up! I don't know about you, but, grey days depress me a little, when I wear a colourful necklaces it cheers me up, and my day is suddenly great! I want your days to be happy!


If you have any questions, please, please feel free to ask! I love tho help you! I am on Pacific Time!


Have a great day!


Esther Schmidt


(778) 230.0608